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[ Name ] Katie
[ Age ] 15
[ Location ] Lutz Lutz! Small town outside the city limits of Tampa, Florida.
[ Promote us in at least 2 other places (personal journals, other communities, etc...PLEASE!!) ] Will do, as soon as I finish my app.


[ Song ] Dear Claudia~South FM, [Can't Get My] Head Around You~Offspring, Seperate Ways~Journey...the list goes on and on...
[ Color ] Any light pastel color.
[ Bands (no more than 15) ] Dashboard Confessional, Journey, South FM, Palo Alto, Counting Crows (WAAAAAY before that damned song in Shrek came out!), Gavin DeGraw...(even though he's a singer...not a band), Smashing Pumpkins, Dave Mathews Band, Sex Pistols, Gun 'N Roses, Switchfoot, and I can't remember anymore.
[ Movies (no more than 10) ] Father of the Bride pt. 1 & 2, Finding Nemo, Spiderman 1 & 2, Harry Potter 1-3, Elf, Cheaper by the Dozen, and the list goes on MUCH farter.
[ Food ] I don't eat all that much, but I would have to say that my favorite food is, Bagel Bites-cheese pizza.
[ Drink ] Diet Coke.


[ Where did you find out about us? ] It was posted in another community that I belong to.
[ 1-10, what would you rate yourself? ] I would say a 5, because I look like a blimp, and appernetly like a 12 year old...
[If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?] Oh my gosh, everything, I only have the WORST personality, I am a MEAN bitch.


[ Pre-marital sex ] Okay, seeing as I don't believe in the act of BEING in love, I would have to say, if you plan on getting married, or (if you do believe in it) you are 'in love' then okay, just don't be like a skank who randomly fucks guys to have something to do on Friday night.
[ Drugs and/or alcohol use by anyone ] Okay, yes, I drink, I like to drink, but getting wasted is dumb, there is NO point to it, and drugs, I have friends who are really into drugs, and I know what they can do, it's not fun.
[Abortion] Absolutly not, unless the girl is raped.
[Censorship] HA! Censorship only leads to the WORST things possible, I'm not saying you shouldn't hide certain things, I mean, don't go around telling young kids EXACTLY how grusome something is, but let the general public understand everything!
[Religion] I think people need something to believe in.
[War] If we are takling about the war the United States is raging, dumb, there is no point, except to get people killed, and to waste money. "Fighting for peace, is like fucking for virginity."
[Body Modification] If you mean like getting your ears peirced, sure, if you are talking about tatooing yourself if obsene places, ew.

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