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[ Name ] brittany
[ Age ] 14, but 15 on october 16th
[ Where you at? ] huntington beach, CA
[ Tell us something interesting about yourself ] i pierced my lip with a safety pin and the police made me take it out at school. it was, to say the least, traumatic.
[ What is one thing about yourself that would make some people hate you? ] i act as though i am better/hotter/smarter/higher/cooler than most of my peers. and in truth i am.
[ Promote us in at least 2 other places (personal journals, other communities, etc...PLEASE!!) ] okey dokey


[ Song ] of all time would have to be "Moonriver" by Henry Mancini
[ Color ] red, yellow, black, sea foam green
[ Bands (no more than 15) ] misfits, the meteors, sin alley, x, toy dolls, pistol grip, jack off jill, sham 69, horrorpops, the lab rats, bright eyes, etc.
[ Movies (no more than 10) ] sid and nancy, the fugitive, debbie does dallas, single white female, crybaby
[ Food ] chocolate chip muffins... and cheeseburgers
[ Lie you've ever told ] "I'll have sex with you." because they actually believe it... now do i look like the kind of girl who would DO such a thing?
[ Quote ] "you can die from anything, brittany, anything... bologna, cheese, too many carbs, don't you stand in front of the microwave... don't open the refridgerator door too fast!" - my beloved gilly
[ Person ] my best friend lauren hamilton
[ Celebrity ] Richard Simmons


[ What is your favorite movie, and why should everyone like it? ] Single White Female... because it warns that there are perverse psycho bitches out there... and not the good kind.


[ Where did you find out about us? ] xmyownhostagex posted an ad thingy on my livejournal
[ 1-10, what would you rate yourself? ] a six
[ If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? ] i would lose a substantial amount of weight... i'm sick in that way... i would love to be emaciated and have my bones jut out insanely
[ Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moon light? ] of course
[ How would you describe your style? ] i try not to fall into the cookie cutter 'psychobilly' so i always try to wear different stuff and not always show up in a meteors shirt... if you know what i mean.


[ Pre-marital sex ] if you don't love the person then yes. pre marital good ol' fucking is okay by me... but don't get attached before marriage... it hurts too much.
[ Drugs and/or alcohol use by anyone ] if you can handle your shit, go right on ahead
[ Abortion ] hmm... i'm still thinking about this one.
[ Censorship ] fucking... nothing blows more. this is why i dropped out of my school's newspaper staff
[ Religion ] if you find something that makes you happy and content, more power to you
[ War ] it's neccessary... and it's reality so i'm not going to preach the virtues of a peacful existence
[ Body Modification ] if you think it will make you happy...

woo hoo

hell yeah

you know it
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