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[ Name ]Brandi Delonge, i mean.. skiba.. i mean.. ryan. yeah.

e us in at least 2 other places (personal journals, other communities, etc...PLEASE!!) ] we'll see. =0)


[ Song ] right now? Bleeder - Alkaline trio and also hot water musics cover.
[ Color ] red and black. GO GARDEN LAKES!
[ Bands (no more than 15) ] Alkaline Trio, Blink, Underoath, brand new, coheed and cambria, slowpoke, where eagles dare, stretch armstrong, alkaline trio, oh so many more.
[ Movies (no more than 10) ] x-men mother fuckers. one and two. the show must go OFF - alkaline trio, bio dome, mall rats, monster, gummo ( ;0) i've actually never seen that movie. ha. fuck you guys all know me better than i do, you tell me.
[ Food ]chips and salsa, lettuce wraps, dr. pepper.
[ Drink ] dr. pepper, red bull.


[ Where did you find out about us? ] uuh my journal, and your guys' journal.
[ 1-10, what would you rate yourself? ] 8
[If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?] i wouldn't be as loud and obnoxious. i probably wouldn't drool as much either. I'm an asshole, i could probably change that.


[ Pre-marital sex ] it's your thing, but I'm going with a yes.
[ Drugs and/or alcohol use by anyone ] your body, not mine.
[Abortion] Pro-choice.
[Censorship] negative. i do what i want, foo.
[Religion] I really don't like for religion to be in my life, but it's all some people know and it's all that they can know how to function. I just don't like organized religion. i do what i want, foo.
[War] negative.
[Body Modification] yes yes yes. although i have none, i will. and.. i love when it's done. so, YES>


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